Saving time and costs

The Sustainability Tool enables performance data to be gathered quickly and efficiently, saving at least 80% of the time taken to manage the data manually. We all know that time is money.

The innovative project focused dashboards and cumulative graphical information enable problems to be identified immediately they occur during a project while there is still time to take corrective action, avoiding costly retrospective work.  By using the latest technology we are able to keep the cost of subscriptions low.

You can purchase an affordable annual subscription to use the tool for an unlimited number of projects. Unlike many other collaborative platforms, the Tool is free to use for the first tier of your supply chain. The tool is very easy to use and logical, both for you and your supply chain.


Instant analysis & performance overview 

As data is reported by your contractors, suppliers and business units, it is aggregated upwards. This means you can view and manage performance at any level you like. 

Say goodbye to lengthy sustainability reporting - say hello to data analysis and management information at your fingertips  

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Brought to you by the sustainable supply chain experts

The tool has been developed by our team of sustainability experts who have a wealth of experience in supply chain management. We base what we measure on our extensive consultancy experience and what we recommend to our 14,000 members in the Supply Chain School.

We have also peer reviewed the tool among our partners and clients contacts, which has made it robust and relevant.
With over two years of active use from a wide variety of contract and clients, contact us today to find out what the tool can do for your business.

Data at the heart of a strategic approach

A strategic approach to sustainability needs to start with - capacity increase, training and development and process improvement - these all are addressed through the Supply Chain Sustainability School and our consultancy work.

The final and crucial hurdle is performance measurement and management - and this is where the Sustainability Tool comes in.

Visit the implementation page for more information on our data validation service. We don’t do prequalification platforms or supplier audits, we leave that to others

Reducing Risk

The tool enables over 300 social, economic, environmental and safety metrics to be selected and for thresholds to be established against your objectives. A simple dashboard shows each aspect of sustainability measured with a Red, Amber or Green icon based on the number of projects that are performing within your thresholds.

From the dashboard, you can identify the source of a problem with three mouse clicks or touches of your tablet or smartphone. The Tool also tracks your cumulative performance across all projects to enable you to know how you are achieving your corporate objectives.

By looking at performance through two slightly different lenses using up to date information, you can significantly reduce the risk of damaging failures. Your suppliers can also view their performance for free, allowing them to proactively act on issues.

Identify best practice and target improvements 

Using the Sustainability Tool enables you to recognise high performing projects and suppliers to be held up as examples to your business and your clients. Use the Tool to implement best practice at Business Unit, Project, Contractor and Supplier level.

It is not just about dealing with poor performance, although the Tool allows you to identify poor performance and proactively manage it.

Business transparency leads to success 

Clients, investors, planning authorities, government and civil society are all demanding higher standards of sustainability.

Having a simple, efficient and consistent set of measures will enable you to demonstrate your credentials to your stakeholders and build a better and stronger business.


Holistic sustainability reporting 

Unlike other tools, we provide the ability to measure against a range of environmental, social and economic issues.

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