What is our tool? 

The Sustainability Tool is a cloud based sustainability performance reporting system, which has been specifically designed  to be used for supply chain management. It enables you to collect, report & analyse social & environmental sustainability performance using smart dashboards at project, business unit and corporate level.

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How the tool works

View and manage performance at corporate, business unit and project level through smart dashboards and infographics. The tool is designed to mimic your supply chain and project management. 

At project level, the tool is designed to be used post-award of a contract. You choose what to measure, and delegate to your supply chain to report. You then view their performance in real time, allowing you to act quickly on  any issues that arise.

At business unit and corporate level, you can see the issues that your business are not performing well on, but also see the areas you are excelling on.

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Why use the tool? 

You need to understand how your supply chain is working towards key sustainability targets.

The Sustainability Tool is a one stop platform that allows you to monitor and manage the impact of your projects, without getting bogged down in spreadsheets and time consuming data collection. 

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