How does it work?

The Sustainability Tool is a cloud based sustainability performance reporting system which has been specifically designed to be used for supply chain management. It enables you to collect, report & analyse social & environmental sustainability performance using smart dashboards at project, business unit and corporate level.

How to set up a project

Setting up a project couldn't be easier and is just two clicks away from any page on the Tool.

All you need to do is input your project parameters (start and end date, definition of local).

You can delegate internally or to your supply chain using work packages.


What do you want to measure? 

Choose from our range of metrics and indicators to fit your collection requirements and strategy objectives. 

There are over 300 standard metrics available for you to choose from, or you can set up your own custom metrics. The tool allows you to choose as many or as few as you wish. There are 79 indicators available that power your RAG (Red, Amber and Green) dashboards.

For more information about the full range of metrics, indicators and Sustainability Issues we measure, contact us or book a demo.

As many users as you like

Easily and quickly set up new users. You choose their role - do they want to see performance over the business or project, or do they need to input or approve data?

Management roles can view an overview of performance at Corporate or Business Unit levels. Project Managers can view performance of their projects and work packages. You may have roles that deal with the day to day submission or approval of data. 

Your tier 1 suppliers can report into the tool for free, and can have as many logins as they require to ensure they manage their performance on your project.

Visualise and manage performance

Performance is shown through RAG (Red, Amber, Green) dashboards at Project, Business Unit and Corporate level. You set the sensitivity of these dashboards, allowing you to closely align your performance dashboard to your strategy and high risk areas. 

Sustainability issue dashboards allow you to track performance in more detail through graphs and indicators. 

Smart infographics allow you to view your project data differently.

How does the supply chain report?

Your contractors and suppliers are issued with a periodic performance evaluation which includes the metrics you've asked them to collect. They fill it out and submit it back to you for approval. Making sustainability reporting easy

When setting up a project, you decide the metrics and reporting frequency.   

Its free for your first tier suppliers to use, reducing the cost of transparent sustainability measurement. Sustainability reporting shouldn't cost more.