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 Brought to you by the sustainable supply chain experts

The Sustainability Tool originally specialised in performance measurement in the Built Environment (Construction, Infrastructure, Homes, Offsite and Facilities Management). This contributed to our knowledge and experience from our work as the delivery partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

However, since its inception, we've noticed that other sectors are suffering from similar issues and barriers to monitoring and managing their sustainability performance. As such, we've had interest and demand from a variety of different industries and sectors.

The Sustainability Tool platform could be used to manage the performance of any supply chain, including:

  • Major sporting events
  • Retail & Fashion
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Other major events

At the click of a button, you can identify how your project or business is meeting its sustainability targets across a full suite of metrics and identify your strengths and weaknesses in real time. The Sustainability Tool is scalable, so can be equally effective on a small scale contract or embedded into the heart of a major programme of work within a company's sustainability reporting strategy.

Where in the supply chain? 

Whatever tier you sit at in a value chain, if you need to collate and report your sustainability performance this Tool is for you. Whether you are a client organisation, provider, contractor or supplier, the system has been designed to allow you to effectively and efficiently collect, record, report and manage your sustainability performance.

Role in the organisation

The Tool's user friendly interface enables easy and quick inputting of data, and provides a simple but effective ‘dashboard’ that can be viewed, analysed and understood by all involved in the reporting process.

We have found that procurement, commercial and sustainability functions have all benefited from this intelligence being readily available at their fingertips. 


Ideal for Directors looking for a speedy, easy to access overview of sustainability performance and yet designed for quick and easy input for contractors onsite. The Sustainability Tool will save time and money better spent delivering the project or contract.

Corporate CSR/Sustainability Professionals

It can be difficult and time consuming to pull together information and data from across your business units for your sustainability reporting.

The tool gives you performance data, information and trends from across your business units, contracts and projects - in only a few clicks.

Supply Chain Teams/Contract Managers

Embedding sustainability targets in contracts is becoming commonplace and the Sustainability Tool has been designed to allow procurement and contract managers to track the performance of key contracts within their supply chain.

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